"Emergent processes should dominate in circumstances in    which the future is hard to read and in which it is not what
the right strategy should be."
Clayton M. Christensen and Michael E. Raynor
The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining
Successful Growth
Software & Internet

In the software and internet space, Cabot INSIGHTS works through a large network of industry experts across a wide variety of industry segments: consumer and desktop computing, enterprise computing, internet search and media, security, games, and more.

Our experts are senior industry professionals in vendor companies, ISVs, and reseller and retailer organizations. They provide overviews, deep dives, color, and market research. Typical queries we research and answer routinely:

  • How do various operating systems stack up against one another?
  • Which brand of antivirus software is gaining over the others?
  • What are the major suppliers of ERP software planning for the next quarter and year?
  • What does the recent acquisition news mean for my database purchase?
  • What are game developers doing to leverage changing platforms and content?
  • How are content developers coping with the fragmentation of internet media?
  • Is software-as-a-service going to kill licensing as we know it?
  • What does green computing means for my infrastructure investments?
  • Is this the right time to migrate to Linux from proprietary UNIX?
  • How can software vendors differentiate to avoid commoditization?
  • Where is Microsoft going with Azure?

Who can benefit
  • Software companies
  • Internet companies
  • Marketing firms
  • Venture capital and private equity firms
  • Law firms


Cabot INSIGHTS recognizes that the software and internet field is always in flux. Our analysts do not pretend to know it all. Instead, we work through an extensive network of experts spread across every segment of the industry from desktop to enterprise computing, from application software to games and databases. This way, we develop and nurture a wide and deep insight into an industry that changes continuously.

As a Cabot INSIGHTS customer, you will have access to all our experts either individually or through the Cabot INSIGHTS analyst. This offers you the widest options for having the best expertise on tap.

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