"Emergent processes should dominate in circumstances in    which the future is hard to read and in which it is not what
the right strategy should be."
Clayton M. Christensen and Michael E. Raynor
The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining
Successful Growth
Datacenters & Networking

Data center design and management is at an inflexion point. Demand for new computing power and capacity continues to grow in spite of the tough economic environment. However, this demand is not for more of the same kind of servers and storage as before. Rising data center energy costs (to cool large servers and storage systems) and shrinking data center space are forcing companies to replace ageing and inefficient systems with energy efficient ones that have significantly lower energy and physical footprints. Simultaneously, the continuous need to cut costs forces everyone to innovate constantly to improve price-performance ratios.

These triggers are fundamentally changing the data center and networking landscape. It has spurred increased interest in and adoption of ‘green’ computing, virtualization, and cloud computing both to improve performance and to reduce cost. Further, the continuing push to internet based computing means that the market for networking equipment serving the public and private networks across the globe with their voice, video and data delivery is growing rapidly.

Who can benefit
  • Public and private network operators looking for competitive analysis, market positioning, and TCO reduction
  • Equipment distributors, System integrators, and value added resellers
  • IT vendors and operators looking to optimize their investments
  • Law firms looking to understand the implications of technology
  • Investors -- VCs and PEs -- looking to understand the implications of technology


The dynamics of the data center market is changing in fundamental ways. Informed decision making must not only take into account the shift in technologies, but must also take into account how the actions of the players in the data center eco system – CTOs, CIOs, OEMs, ISVs, managed services providers, infrastructure providers, and users – affect each other.

On the networking front, the promise of IP (internet protocol) is finally here and it is fundamentally changing the way IT managers manage their voice, video and data networks. The networks are collapsing within enterprises requiring fewer IT professional teams – which means that enterprises must learn to do more with less people.

Enterprises today need unbiased views and opinions in decision making for an optimized IT strategy. Cabot INSIGHTS analysts and network of experts have extensive experience in every aspect of the data center and networking technology and management. We are ideally positioned to give you expert and unbiased information and analysis to help you make better informed decisions.

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